After Easter 2016 From "The Power of The Story - StoryHouse of LivE'Art-Dream'Art" day after Easter, March 29, 2016: SHE LEFT THE GRAVE It could have been so very easy to climb all the way up, that is what she thought, the lovely lady who had finally donned her purest white dress and then the bright red on top, both long, had been long gone, was not so easy to say fare well to her loveliest of friends - then - she had struggled a bit - had not wanted the divorce of her soul mated one - yet he was gone to do good in hearts and souls with songs and care in other spheres, she was going to create a corner of peace up North in these transitional times where Mother Earth and Father Hearth are heaving in less than beautiful songs, on the road to happier shores for us all - she had finally managed to "stand up straight", her dress had dried of tears as well, she brushed her hand across her chest where lifetime mutual loving threads were once tied, nothing but soft, white spots remain - after healing was done - for a he and a she - she was standing here - right halfway up the 90 degree mountain wall - easy it had been to climb, you see - she could have so very easily had climbed to the top of these now walled graves - two large broad stones of once living channels of love were gone - above her head now - love of God - “stones” of two once very close karmic special spiritual beloveds ones - she looks up towards to the top of this mountainous once channeled no more caves - larger wall of once Love of God - smiles a little, she does - there is nobody there waiting either – she looks down towards her feet - the structures are tall - once alive - just something to put her bare feet upon - straight up into the air, now with her back to this walled off, once Spiritual Lift to Higher Spheres - it takes a little time before she manages to shake her left foot and then her right foot free from where she stands, and then she jumps down, from this once Holy Place, now grave site. She had looked down to see her two male inner intuitive guiding friends. They had here with her arrived. This here now is going nowhere inside. It would have been easy to "climb" for a him and a her. A grave site is left behind. March 29, 2016